Dec 23, 2015 · “One eye, the nose, the mouth, or both ears. Yan here thinks she has what it takes to be a member , instead of a common whore, so you choose one of the above, and she goes to town on the part in question, proves her worth.”
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Questions that come up from time to time are about what to do to deal with Morgellons parasitesin the nose, ears and eye area. Richard writes, shares his progress, and asks, "Hi Richard, Thought I would take a few minutes to update you on my current status.
Trematode worms, or flukes, can infest the lungs, heart, brain or skin. A lot of these parasitic worms can enter the body through the mouth or nose. But they do not normally come OUT the nose, and certainly not the ear--which has no hole to the outside. All of these are worms.